Virtual Environmental and Humanitarian Adviser Tool – (VEHA Tool) is a tool
to easily integrate environmental considerations in humanitarian response. Sector Planning guidances allow you to environmentally align your project strategy design.

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VEHA - Sector Planning Guidance

Essential Healthcare - Child health

Essential Healthcare – Child health

Sector result

Ensure appropriate health response while minimising any negative programme impact on the natural environment


Define the indicators

% or # of vaccination campaigns which include adequate waste management for medical items used (e.g.: for hazardous materials such as needles or chemicals found in medicines)

# of child health activities where environmental drivers of health are assessed, addressed and effectively communicated towards improved health behaviours.


Ask Questions

Do you have a practical plan in place for reducing vaccination-related waste and for safe environmentally sustainable disposal of hazardous materials (needles, medicines, etc)?

Have you assessed environmental drivers of infectious disease and developed an appropriate awareness and behaviour change campaign to reduce environmental drivers, to support vaccination campaigns?


Include a Source of Verification

Monitor waste management plan implementation.

Monitor community infectious disease-related behaviours.


Consult Guidance & Examples

• Installing separate bins for used needles, medicines, nappies/pads, and other potentially infectious material and developing appropriate waste management strategies. Check the local market for designs that contain no plastic or petrochemical (elastic) or consider whether this could become a livelihoods/enterprise opportunity, in coordination with the integration sector.

• Assess environmental drivers of infectious disease including increased vulnerability from poor nutrition, including, noting orphans and child-headed households. Design health activities to improve children's health and life chances.

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