Guidance for environmental issues relevant to specific themes of environmental or humanitarian programming

This section contains information and tools for specific environmental and humanitarian topics or themes, for which specific guidance has been collected.


Cash transfer programming is increasingly used in humanitarian assistance. When selecting a cash transfer modality, the associated environmental impacts should be assessed and mitigated.

Chemicals & Pesticides

Due to the hazards they pose, chemicals and pesticides must be carefully managed in humanitarian action

Climate Risk

Key considerations regarding climate change and climated-related risks

Debris & Waste

How to effectively manage debris and waste created by disasters and crisis in order to minimize health and environmental risk.

Disaster Risk Reduction

How to include the environment in disaster risk reduction efforts.


How to address the energy needs in humanitarian contexts without compromising human health and the environment.

Gender & Inclusion

The links between gender, environment, disaster and crisis risk need to be analyzed and an appropriate response strategy developed.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

How can geospatial data be used to integrate environmental considerations into humanitarian response.

Materials & Supply Chain

Understanding and managing the supply chain associated with a organization’s key products and services offers the opportunity to manage risk and reduce environmental impacts.

Natural Resource Management

The effective management of land/land-use including agriculture, forestry, water systems, life-forms and atmospheric environment is vital to reduce disaster risks and community vulnerability to disasters impacts.


The links between resilience and the environment.

Urban Environment

Humanitarian assistance in Urban Environments faces specific challenges directly influenced by environmental factors

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