Virtual Environmental and Humanitarian Adviser Tool – (VEHA Tool) is a tool
to easily integrate environmental considerations in humanitarian response. Sector Planning guidances allow you to environmentally align your project strategy design.

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VEHA - Sector Planning Guidance

Water supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH)
WASH in disease outbreaks and healthcare settings

WASH in disease outbreaks and healthcare settings

Sector result

Ensure access to water and sanitation for communities while sustainably managing land, water, and ecosystems.


Define the indicators

% of the area that remains free from the negative effects of biological hazards (physical and biological)


Ask Questions

Does your intervention include activities that will strengthen the environmentally sustainable management of medical waste which does not increase the burden on local authorities?


Include a Source of Verification

Plan for health waste separation and management is designed with clear resources and capacities.

Health facilities' water management plan includes a section on managing waste and greywater.


Consult Guidance & Examples

· WASH and health working groups may wish to consider jointly contracting transport and final disposal services certified by the Ministry of Health, to control these risks and achieve economies of scale.

Health assessments should consider how healthcare waste is managed from procurement and use through to treatment and final re-use or disposal and include visits to waste dumps/landfills or the final point of disposal of treated waste. Alternatively, make use of low-cost technology for healthcare waste management

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