Response and Recovery Planning

Response and Recovery Planning

Improving humanitarian response and recovery planning through environmental mainstreaming

Guidance for Response and Recovery Planning in Protracted Crises

How to include environmental concerns in response plans for protracted crises response and recovery

Including environmental concerns in the planning of the response to a protracted crises is critical to addressing these concerns through clear and specific actions. In most cases, protracted crisis involves conflict and often fragile socio-economic and governance conditions. In many UN-led responses, a Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) is developed based on a Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO). Where an HRP or HNO is not developed, similar documents covering humanitarian needs and response planning will be developed by the UN, at times with input from the host government.  HNOs, HRPs or similar documents are usually updated on an annual basis after first issuance1, but may be amended if the protracted crisis changes dramatically.

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